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Latest COVID-19 Outbreak Information and Resources
As a part of our efforts to protect the health of our employees, US Equestrian is working under a flexible work plan for our staff. As we transition to this modified format, there may be interruptions to service. We will do our best to have all services fully functioning as quickly as possible. Customer Care can be reached by emailing [email protected], online chat or leave a voicemail by calling (859) 258-2472. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

Dear Vaulting Athletes,


As we work through the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent event cancellations, we want to keep you as informed as possible whenever we have concrete, relevant information available.


We will utilize the Vaulting Updates to keep you abreast of concrete updates to any Vaulting Programs and all updates will be posted on the Vaulting Update Page. At this moment in time we do not have updates to programs; however, we are in the midst of reviewing all selection procedures and qualifications and will keep you informed ASAP with any changes.

Additionally, USEF Sport has created a general resource page regarding COVID-19 information and a specific High Performance COVID-19 resource page – please take a look as there are a variety of resources posted, including updates from the FEI and USOPC.

USEF General COVID-19 Resource Center
High Performance COVID-19 Resource Center

We understand that we are all living in uncertain times and there are many questions but please know that I am here, and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or if you just want to talk.

Our aim to is keep you informed with the most current and factual information. We will not bombard you with Updates as it is an ever - evolving situation and we understand that individuals' Inboxes are overflowing….but will keep you informed with concrete updates.

Thank you all for your patience and cooperation as we navigate this time together.



Laureen Johnson


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Press Release CHIO Aachen 2020 (Updated 03.25.20)