The International Saddle Seat Equitation Association (ISSEA) is the governing body, which is composed of countries that are uniting with the common goal of promoting and growing the Saddle Seat Equitation discipline on an International level.

The Goals of ISSEA:

  • To formulate International Rules and Regulations in order to standardize competitions.
  • To be responsible for the criteria and selection process of Judges for World Cup Competition
  • To be the representative body of all Amateur riders (determined by each country’s rules) of the Saddle Seat Equitation countries.
  • To provide a fair and level playing field for Saddle Seat in International Competition

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Forms and Publications


ISSEA Consitution

Saddle Seat Test Event/Invitational Rules and Regulations

Test Event Rules and Regulations

Saddle Seat Individual Competition Rules and Regulations

Individual Competition Rules

Saddle Seat World Cup Rules and Regulations

Saddle Seat World Cup Rules and Regulations