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As a part of our efforts to protect the health of our employees, US Equestrian is working under a flexible work plan for our staff. As we transition to this modified format, there may be interruptions to service. We will do our best to have all services fully functioning as quickly as possible. Customer Care can be reached by emailing [email protected], online chat or leave a voicemail by calling (859) 258-2472. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

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  • Elisabeth Goth
  • Jack and Debra King



  • Ed Bolka
  • Golden Creek Farms, INC
  • The Walz Family
  • Tonna Snider


  • Amy Campbell
  • Cathryn Coleman
  • Carol Carlson
  • Cindy Mugnier
  • Deborah Jahn
  • Fred Sarver
  • Jack and Betty Swanson
  • James Walljaster
  • Mark Strong
  • Mary Ann Cronan
  • Sarah Ackerman



  • Audra Lee
  • Barbara Goodman Manilow, Skyline Stables
  • Bluebonnet Farm
  • Brigita Vingelis
  • DeRegnaucourt Ltd. 
  • Donna Pettry-Smith, Skyline Stables
  • Dorothy Hock
  • Doug Varnadore
  • Ellen Susman, Westwind Stables
  • Equitate Equestrians Youth Club
  • Grandma Carol and Pap-Pap Tim
  • Iowa American Saddlebred Horse Association
  • Iowa Horse Shows Association
  • James and Holly Nichols
  • Janet and Eileen Kobylski
  • Jeffery Fetzer
  • Jennifer & David Oliver
  • Kathryn Rodosky Taylor
  • Kevin and Debbie Davison
  • Kierson Farm
  • Kristen & Jeff Wells
  • LaFleur Stables
  • Logan Family
  • Lynn Roberts
  • Madison Kobylski
  • Redwing Saddlebred Farm LLC
  • Richard Boule
  • Saddle & Bridle
  • Sean and Terri Travers
  • Slemmons Equine Ventures, LLC
  • Taylor River Farm
  • Texas American Saddle Horse Association
  • The Bosworth Family
  • The Ehle Family
  • The Michalek Family
  • The Mike Arquilla Family
  • The Stewart Family
  • The Ververeli Family
  • Vicky and Lewis McHenry
  • William Woods University Saddle Seat Club
  • Zoe and Robin Garbin
  • 3 Sisters Stables
  • 7 Generation Stables-Karen Greenwell