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Program Overview

The FEI Jumping North American Youth Championship for Child Riders, Junior Riders, and Young Riders provide an exciting opportunity for riders in various age groups to compete against their peers in a Championship format similar to that of that of international senior Championships like the Olympic Games. Competition in each age category is held over the course of multiple days and features both a Team Competition, with Teams fielded by Zone, and an Individual Competition.  

The 2019 FEI NAYC will be held at Old Salem Farm in North Salem NY.


The categories are as follows:

          Child Rider Championship (NAChC): athletes FEI ages 12 - 14, fences up to 1.25m


          Junior Rider Championship (NAJC): athletes FEI ages, 14 - 18, fences up to 1.40m


          Young Rider Championship (NAYRC): athletes FEI ages 16 - 21, fences up to 1.50m



Questions? Contact Jennifer Haydon, USEF Director, Jumping National Programs, at


As an FEI athlete you are subject to Clean Sport anti-doping regulations for both your horses and yourself as an athlete. You and your horses are very likely to be tested. It is your responsibility to ensure you follow these regulations and a guide can be found at:

Additional Resources

2019 Certificate of Capability

2019 Certificate of Capability

2019 FEI North American Youth Championships for Jumping Selection Procedures

Selection Procedures for the 2019 North American Youth Championships for Jumping. This is for all Zones for Children and all Zones except Zone 10 for Junior and Young Rider.

FEI Age Determination

A guide to determining an athlete's FEI Age, which may be different from USEF age.