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To notify riders at USEF and FEI endorsed Eventing competitions that their riding is potentially dangerous. The Watch List is a list of horse/rider combinations that have been identified as displaying a pattern of potentially dangerous riding. As a result, they are to be observed more closely at upcoming competitions. Riders that have been issued either a Yellow Card or have been penalized for Dangerous Riding (DR on scoreboard) will automatically be placed on the Watch List.

Reporting Agents:

  • Any USEF Eventing Licensed Official
  • Any FEI Eventing Official
  • Any Level 4 ICP certified instructor
  • Any rider who has represented the USA in Eventing in World Championships, Olympic Games, or Pan American Games

Reporting agents may, at any time, call the USEF Eventing Department (859-225-2052 or 859-225-6923) and submit a name of a horse/rider combination they feel should be added to the Watch List.


Once reported and after review, the reported horse/rider combination may be added to the Watch List. Additional information about the circumstances will be gathered by the USEF Eventing department. This includes the Reporting Agent’s name and phone number, location/date of competition, level of competition, phase during which the concern was witnessed, and a brief description of the incident. The USEF Eventing department will maintain the records concerning all reports.

Rider Notification:

  1. USEF Eventing department will assign an appropriate Notifying Agent for each incident.
  1. The office will notify the rider for whom the report was issued in writing that they have been named to the Watch List. The contact information for the Notifying agent will be included.  It is the athlete’s responsibility to contact the Notifying Agent if they would like to further discuss the situation. The specifications of the List will be clearly defined in the notification. The Reporting Agent’s name will be withheld from the rider.

Specifications of the Watch List:

  1. After the initial report, and if placed on the Watch List, a horse/rider combination will remain on the Watch List until the combination have completed six competitions at the level at which their infraction occurred without further reports.
  1. In the event a horse/rider combination receives a subsequent report while on the Watch List, the horse/rider combination will be contacted once again by a Notifying Agent as defined above will be subject to the provisions outlined in the USEF Rulebook in EV 105.  If this provision applies, the combination must become requalified for the level as outlined in EV105 and then complete six events at the level without any additional reports.

Removal from the Watch List:

  1. A combination will be removed from the Watch List when they have completed the six events at the level without a further report.  
  1. In order to be properly removed from the Watch List, the rider must make a written request to USEF’s Eventing department once the applicable requirements have been met. Requests should be sent by email to Joanie Morris at   [email protected] or Shealagh Costello at [email protected] or by fax to (859) 231-6662 to the attention of the Eventing Department.

Updating and Distributing of the Watch List:

The Watch List will be updated weekly and can be found by accessing your USEF online account. In the “Other Options” category, the Watch List link will be the last item. You may also call the Eventing Department (859) 225-2052 for an update. In addition, any new additions to the list will be promptly forwarded to the USEA, who shall send the information updated list on a weekly (updated) basis to event Organizers the Technical Delegate (TD) and President of the Ground Jury (PGJ) of upcoming Events. It will be the Organizers' responsibility to provide their PGJ and TD with that list so that any riders competing that are on the Watch List may be observed at the event at which they will be officiating.

Monitoring of the Watch List:

USEF Eventing department will monitor the Watch List and liaise with USEF’s National Safety Officer should any issues arise.

Rider Responsibility:

Once placed on the Watch List, it is the rider’s responsibility to make a written request to USEF’s Eventing department for removal from the Watch List. Requests should go to Joanie Morris at [email protected] or Shealagh Costello at [email protected]

If you have any questions regarding the Eventing Watch List, please contact Joanie Morris, Managing Director of Eventing via email [email protected] or (859) 225-2052.