To confirm that the horse demonstrates correct basics, and has developed sufficient suppleness, impulsion and throughness to perform the Fourth Level tests which have a medium degree of difficulty. The horse remains reliably on the bit, showing a clear uphill balance and lightness as a result of improved engagement and collection. The movements are performed with greater straightness, energy and cadence than at Third Level.

Forms and Publications

2015 Fourth Level Test 1

Introduces Collected walk; very collected canter; walk pirouettes; multiple flying changes on diagonal *Double Bridle Optional* (Note: Correction was made in Movement #1 on November 7, 2014)

2015 Fourth Level Test 2

Introduces Counter change of hand in trot and canter; tempi changes every fourth stride; working partial pirouettes in canter *Double Bridle Optional*

2015 Fourth Level Test 3

Introduces Reinback series; tempi changes every third stride; 10m half circle in counter canter *Double Bridle Optional*