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Guidelines for sponsorship as it relates to athletes

The USEF is acutely aware of the importance of sponsors to the financial viability of equestrian sport and the huge contribution that they make. Successful or promising athletes have a commercial value and sponsorship can be a great way to get extra funding to support equestrian activities. Looking for and maintaining a sponsorship arrangement can take a lot of time and effort, and the commitment involved should not be underestimated. However, if you have the determination, it can be extremely worthwhile. That's why
USEF has created an Individual Sponsorship Packet to assist you with the process.

Individual Sponsorship Packet

The United States Equestrian Federation has established guidelines for sponsorship as it relates to athletes. This booklet will not only help you to understand these procedures but give you valuable information. It is intended for use by all professional athletes competing in USEF licensed and/or endorsed competition at all levels.

View the Individual Sponsorship Packet

Download the Individual Sponsorship Packet

General Points to Consider

Before you sign any agreement with your sponsor, read the wording thoroughly and refer to our guidelines in Appendix One in the Individual Sponsorship Packet to ensure that the necessary clauses are included.

Some competitors successfully manage multiple sponsorships, however think carefully before taking on additional sponsors. Consider possible conflicts of interest and, where necessary consult existing sponsors before negotiating additional agreements.

Once you have a sponsor on board and the agreements are signed the process doesn’t end there. Remember that the key to a successful sponsorship deal is the ongoing relationship you have with your sponsor.

View sponsorship as a business arrangement – it should be mutually beneficial.