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2010 Shows Posted

Please direct any questions or inquiries to United States Equestrian Federation, Attention Sport Data Department (corrections@usef.org). While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information displayed, United States Equestrian Federation assumes no liability to anyone for errors or omissions. Any errors called to our attention which result in a verified correction will be rectified promptly.

Please direct correction information to: Corrections

Article 1217.1 "Each Regular competition, Combined Training/Eventing Competition and Dressage Competition must forward by certified mail with return receipt full results, postmarked within 10 calendar days of the competition, indicating the winners, a record of jumper money won, Hunter Increment Report (where applicable)…"To allow compliance with the above rule, competition results will be posted no less than 2-4 weeks after the last day of a competition.

The following competitions have been completely posted as of 02/08/08, as have all 2009 competitions for a differing competition period. (Additional competitions have been partially posted, and results are included in the standings displayed.)

Comp IDStart DateComp NameLocation
321810 10/13/2010 Ifsha Friesian World & Grand National Del Mar, CA
315645 10/12/2010 Ialha National Championship Fort Worth, TX
585 10/09/2010 Grand National And World Championship Morgan Oklahoma City, OK
711 09/29/2010 Nwsa Fall Classic & Futurity Salem, OR
100 09/25/2010 New Mexico State Fair Albuquerque, NM
317471 09/22/2010 Arabian & Half Arabian Sport Horse Nationals Nampa, ID
326581 09/17/2010 Tyler Breed Show Tyler, TX
413 09/15/2010 New York Morgan Regional Championship Syracuse, NY
328174 09/10/2010 Pacific Slope Arabian & Half Arabian Spor Horse Championship Burbank, CA
647 09/09/2010 Arabian Horse Club Of Texas State Fair Dallas, TX
903 09/03/2010 Mother Lode All Morgan Rancho Murieta, CA
952 09/01/2010 Jubilee Reg, Chmpshp. Morgan Springfield, IL
565 08/27/2010 Oregon State Fair Salem, OR
576 08/27/2010 Pacific Northwest Morgan Spanaway, WA
128 08/20/2010 Continental Divide Friesian And Morgan Loveland, CO
3378 08/19/2010 Aham & Mmhbf Horse Show Mason, MI
345 08/18/2010 Morgan Medallion Classic Santa Barbara, CA
98 08/17/2010 Massachusetts Morgan West Springfield, MA
315695 08/12/2010 Ialha Region I Championship Burbank, CA
287690 08/06/2010 Arabians In Motion Sport Horse Classic Sherwood, OR
564 08/04/2010 Eastern Arabian/East Coast Championship Lexington, VA
314305 07/29/2010 Tulsa Summer Classic Morgan Horse Show Tulsa, OK
242706 07/27/2010 Blue Ridge Classic Horse Show Fletcher, NC
349 07/25/2010 New England Morgan Northampton, MA
316694 07/15/2010 Morgan Masterpiece Oshkosh, WI
317918 07/15/2010 Region 9 Sport Horse Champ Waco, TX
328299 07/07/2010 The Bluegrass Morgan Classic Lexington, KY
419 07/02/2010 Penn-Ohio Morgan Meadville, PA
416 07/01/2010 North Star Morgan Americana Saint Paul, MN
2530 07/01/2010 Maine Morgan Deerfield, NH
219 07/01/2010 Circle J. Reg. Champ'shp. Morgan Denver, CO
6473 07/01/2010 Heritage Classic Athens, TX
668 06/23/2010 Mid Atlantic Morgan Lexington, VA
323706 06/19/2010 Surf & Sun Del Mar, CA
276959 06/18/2010 Upha Almost Summer Denver, CO
831 06/18/2010 Hoosier Horse Classic Edinburgh, IN
252 06/16/2010 Far West Region 8 Morgan Championship Redmond, OR
410 06/15/2010 Morgan Gold Cup Springfield, OH
285082 06/12/2010 New York Morgan Amateur Horseheads, NY
516 06/10/2010 Wheat State Morgan Valley Center, KS
309 06/08/2010 Connecticut Morgan West Springfield, MA
405 05/28/2010 Michigan All Morgan East Lansing, MI
641 05/28/2010 Ieahc Memorial Day Classic Spokane, WA
1940 05/28/2010 Western New York Morgan Hamburg, NY
323346 05/28/2010 Pacific Northwest Springtime Morgan Spanaway, WA
426 05/26/2010 Southern States Morgan Raleigh, NC
503 05/21/2010 Ahaco Arabian Salem, OR
378 05/19/2010 Vermont Spring Classic Morgan West Springfield, MA
324758 05/14/2010 The 33Rd Annual Treasure Valley Classic Horse Show Nampa, ID
809 05/13/2010 Alamo Arabian Spring Fiesta San Antonio, TX
317092 05/06/2010 Fiesta Of The Spanish Horse Burbank, CA
2207 05/03/2010 Region 12 Arabian Championship Perry, GA
325058 04/30/2010 Craa Spring Derby Premiere Sport Horse Show Northampton, MA
138 04/30/2010 Mason Dixon Arabian & Morgan Classic Quentin, PA
326448 04/23/2010 Aim At The Hood Boring, OR
317793 04/16/2010 Indiana All Arabian Cloverdale, IN
2604 04/14/2010 Citrus Cup Newberry, FL
243147 04/09/2010 San Diego Morgan Diamond Jubilee Del Mar, CA
317172 04/02/2010 Western Carolinas Spring Arabian Pendleton, SC
326169 03/20/2010 Al Sol Newberry, FL
317743 03/17/2010 Pin Oak Horse Show I Katy, TX
323479 03/05/2010 Rainbow Royal Burbank, CA
7454 01/29/2010 Sierra Empire Arabian Pomona, CA