• USEF Network The winner of the $100,000 CSI 3* Grand Prix presented by Split Rock Farm, Inc.​ is Kevin Babington with Shorapur! #SRJT15 5/24/2015 4:43:20 PM
  • USEF Network Margie Engle and Royce jump clear with a 40.14 time. #SRJT2015 5/24/2015 4:39:17 PM
  • USEF Network Meagan Nusz and Sri Aladdin jump clear in 43.59 seconds #SRJT2015 5/24/2015 4:37:08 PM
  • USEF Network Kevin Babington and Shorapur have a clear round and a time of 39.25 to take the lead. #SRJT2015 5/24/2015 4:33:56 PM
  • USEF Network Ali Wolff and Brianda finish on eight jumping faults and a time of 44.30 #SRJT2015 5/24/2015 4:31:55 PM
  • USEF Network David Beisel and Call Me Hannes have four jumping faults in 44.32 seconds. #SRJT2015 5/24/2015 4:30:07 PM
  • USEF Network Andres Rodriguez and Darlon Von Groenhove have a clear round with a time of 40.70. #SRJT2015 5/24/2015 4:26:45 PM
  • USEF Network Charlie Jayne and Valeska finishes with four jumping faults in 41.37 seconds. 5/24/2015 4:24:34 PM
  • USEF Network Meagan Nusz and Leoville 2 has a clear jump-off with a time of 46.99. 5/24/2015 4:22:40 PM
  • USEF Network Kaitlin Campbell and Rocky W jump clear in 40.69 seconds #SRJT2015 5/24/2015 4:20:39 PM

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2011 Shows Posted

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Article 1217.1 "Each Regular competition, Combined Training/Eventing Competition and Dressage Competition must forward by certified mail with return receipt full results, postmarked within 10 calendar days of the competition, indicating the winners, a record of jumper money won, Hunter Increment Report (where applicable)…"To allow compliance with the above rule, competition results will be posted no less than 2-4 weeks after the last day of a competition.

The following competitions have been completely posted as of 02/08/08, as have all 2009 competitions for a differing competition period. (Additional competitions have been partially posted, and results are included in the standings displayed.)

Comp IDStart DateComp NameLocation
315645 10/11/2011 Ialha National Championship Fort Worth, TX
319844 09/10/2011 Rocky Mountain Iberian Horse Club Andalusian Horse Show Castle Rock, CO
317890 09/02/2011 Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club 2011 Show Lexington, VA
565 08/26/2011 Oregon State Fair Salem, OR
315695 08/11/2011 Ialha Region I Championship Burbank, CA
328922 07/29/2011 Midwest Baroque Horse Regionals Elkhorn, WI
325094 07/23/2011 Erahc Region 6 S Hadley, MA
329164 06/25/2011 Buckeye Baroque Summer Jubilee Wilmington, OH
327313 06/24/2011 Donida Farm Solstice Baroque-Open Auburn, WA
328921 06/17/2011 Midwest Baroque Horse Summer Show Elkhorn, WI
328996 05/06/2011 The Baroque Horse Regional Championship Newberry, FL
317092 05/04/2011 Fiesta Charity Horse Show Burbank, CA
317743 03/23/2011 Pin Oak Horse Show I Katy, TX
326169 03/19/2011 Al Sol Newberry, FL
323479 03/04/2011 Rainbow Royal Burbank, CA
328995 02/15/2011 The Baroque Horse Florida State Championship Tampa, FL