• USEF Network Amanda Wilson & Cool Descision start us off with a 43 fault round. They finish on a 201.6. #rk3de http://t.co/fZeOKLpNOQ 4/26/2015 1:06:21 PM
  • USEF Network If these two, Tim Price & Wesko, jump clear today. They will win #rk3de 2015. https://t.co/Dyd4KJUgKj 4/26/2015 1:02:47 PM
  • Lise L course and weather looking great for show jumping at @RolexKentucky #RK3DE2015 https://t.co/JMYj8RcrXu Retweeted by USEFNetwork 4/26/2015 12:58:08 PM
  • USEF Network If you're in a freestyle mood, watch these 2 on demand: #KentuckyReiningCup http://t.co/PeElamw9wS #DelMarNHS http://t.co/9CxwFMJXNN 4/26/2015 12:50:06 PM
  • USEF Network We'll find out the #rk3de winners soon. Course is almost ready. Jumping begins in 15 minutes! http://t.co/fgHaiF1HXc http://t.co/iYQiPYVJen 4/26/2015 12:46:41 PM
  • USEF Network @thecheflifeblog @RolexKentucky It starts at 1pm ET. Stream will be live in 20 minutes or so. 4/26/2015 12:14:27 PM
  • Eventing Nation The order of go for #RK3DE show jumping, which starts at 1 pm EST. Watch live on @USEFNetwork http://t.co/KAZBpQNokH Retweeted by USEFNetwork 4/26/2015 11:21:07 AM
  • USEF Network Dressage fans, here's a treat to compliment your breakfast. ☕🍳 Grand Prix #dressage from #DMNHS on demand: http://t.co/lgntbyrxt8 4/26/2015 9:24:58 AM
  • Lucinda Green Will @timpricenzl hold on to his overnight @RolexKentucky lead? Follow @eventingnation, @samanthalclark, @USEFNetwork and @USEventing. Retweeted by USEFNetwork 4/26/2015 9:21:47 AM
  • Equine Photoz Can't wait to watch the show jumping today on @USEFNetwork but first, going to visit my old horse, Cobra 💗 So excited! Retweeted by USEFNetwork 4/26/2015 8:26:39 AM

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2015 Leading Breeders

Welcome to U.S. Equestrian's Leading Breeder Rankings. This is a new rankings system for equestrian sport, and we ask you to bear with us and have patience as we link the stallions to their offspring. We welcome any corrections, additions or input you have. Please forward correspondence to kball@usef.org or fax 859-231-6662.

Sire: SANTANO 33.11999.02
Dam: VALLOTA 02.12575, by FLEMMINGH 87.8107