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National Collegiate Equestrian Association - NCEA (NCAA Emerging Sport)

The National Collegiate Equestrian Association, formerly known as Varsity Equestrian, was established to advance the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) sport of women's equestrian from emerging to championship status. Its mission is to promote the benefits of the sport to potential institutions, riders, parents, horse industry professionals and sponsors while developing the rules and format of competition. Currently 23 colleges and universities offer equestrian as an NCAA emerging sport with more being added each year. National Collegiate Equestrian Association programs are supported by their athletic departments. All athletes, coaches, and programs follow NCAA Division I and II rules and regulations.

A NCEA National Championship is held each year among colleges and universities competing in the NCEA format. Because NCEA has two unique disciplines, this event crowns a national champion in each of three areas: Western, English and Overall. With many people within the horse industry uniting to advance NCEA, reaching the required 40 Division I/II schools for a fully sponsored NCAA Equestrian Championship is in our future.

For more information, please visit our website at www.collegiateequestrian.com .