• USEF Network Reminder, if you missed last weekend's @platinumperf /USEF Talent Search Finals East, all the phases are on demand: http://t.co/rWn0vVDgFb 10/8/2015 4:27:26 PM
  • USEF Network .@Noelle_Floyd You are correct, our bad! 10/8/2015 1:43:18 PM
  • USEF Network We will have the @nsbits /USEF Junior Jumping Championship and Pessoa/USEF Medal Final available to watch on-demand early next week 10/7/2015 5:04:58 PM
  • USEF Network @cnnsport chatted with Laura Sumrall about her winning freestyle reining performance to Frozen's 'Let it Go': http://t.co/2HQGd21Zw0 10/6/2015 4:10:05 PM
  • USEF Network .@PicChick1 The top 10 results were just live streamed. Top 4 in order: Tori, McKayla, Hunter, TJ. Will post complete results ASAP 10/4/2015 2:42:38 PM
  • USEF Network .@PicChick1 We streamed all the way through the awards. If you missed it we will have it all available on demand early next week. 10/4/2015 2:41:16 PM
  • USEF Network We have posted the 4 rides from the final round of the ride-off on our Facebook page for anyone that missed it: https://t.co/vW5x7JMsgd 10/4/2015 2:36:30 PM
  • USEF Network Leading Trainer: Andre Dignelli 10/4/2015 2:32:42 PM
  • USEF Network Grapa Trophy (Best Horse) winner: Skyfall owned by Linda Langmeier 10/4/2015 2:31:23 PM
  • USEF Network Talent Search Finals East 2015 Champion: Tori Colvin riding Avalanche 10/4/2015 2:24:43 PM

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United States Equestrian
Federation, Inc.


Your Voice in the evaluation of competition license renewal

Responses accepted within 30 days of the last day of the competition.

A printable Adobe PDF version can be found HERE.

Competition Evaluation Forms are provided for members’ use to evaluate the quality of USEF Licensed Competitions and are available on line at www.usef.org or from the Competition Secretary, the USEF Steward or Technical Delegate. Completing this evaluation is optional. However, USEF hopes and it is hoped that exhibitors will use this opportunity to inform the Federation of both positive and negative aspects of the competitions they attend. While these evaluations are confidential, USEF will utilize summary data derived from the evaluations to assist in improving the sport of Equestrian.


USEF Member #      
I participated in this competition as a/an:
Name of Competition    
Competition #    
Please indicate your area of participation/interest at this competition:
or provide OTHER:

Using the following scale, please provide your overall rating for each.

Unsatisfactory         Outstanding         Not Applicable
    1     2     3     4     5     6     7                         N/A        
1. Competition staff customer service and knowledge  
2. Competition Secretary Office operation  
3. Rules compliance among those responsible for competition operation  
4. Schedule planning and operation  
5. Announcement system and announcer/paddock announcer  
6. Access to a farrier  
7. Access to a veterinarian  
8. Steps taken to insure the safety of horses, riders, spectators  
9. Results posted in a timely manner  
10. Results available for review  
11. Judge(s) conduct and knowledge  
12. Steward(s) conduct and knowledge  
13. Technical Delegate(s) conduct and knowledge  
14. Course Designer(s) conduct and knowledge  
15. Footing in the show arena(s)  
16. Footing in the warm up arena(s)  
17. Adequacy of lunging and warm up areas  
18. Jumps and Courses for Hunter and/or Jumper classes  
19. Courses and obstacles for Trail or Western Riding  
20. Overall appearance of the competition areas  
21. Cleanliness/maintenance of the barns/stabling areas  
22. Stabling  
23. Lighting for Stabling  
24. Lighting for Arena(s) and warm up area(s)  
25. Cleanliness of the grounds and rest room facilities  
26. Availability of Sharps containers  
27. Water, wash rack, manure pile, etc.  
28. Quality and availability of food concessions  
29. Traffic patterns and trailer parking  
30. Based on your experience at other competitions with similar size and rating,
how do you feel about the value you have received at this competition for the expense incurred?
31. If you had the opportunity, would you participate in this competition again?  

If no, please explain: