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Dressage Competition Results


3/7/2013 - 3/10/2013

12: USEF First Level Test 2 Open 1 271 BENEFACTOR RRS WALTON, MELINDA 73.243
1XB: USEF First Level Test of Choice o GAIG/USDF Qual 1 230.5 DI SOLITAIRE LAVER, ANNE 74.355
1XC: USEF First Level Test of Choice Open 1 283 BENEFACTOR RRS WALTON, MELINDA 76.486
22: USEF Second Level Test 2 Open 1 242 LIKELY STORY CBF CAMERON, LAURIE 63.684
23: USEF Secnd Level Test 3 O,AA,J/Y GAIG/USDF Qual 1 268 LIKELY STORY CBF CAMERON, LAURIE 63.810
32: USEF Third Level Test 2 Open 2 262 MONTE CARLO BALL, ELINOR 63.902
3XC: USEF Third Level Test of Choice Open 1 267 MONTE CARLO BALL, ELINOR 65.122
FY5: FEI YH Test for 5 Year Olds (Final) Markel/USEF Q 1 41.7 DI SOLITAIRE LAVER, ANNE 83.400