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Q: Are junior exhibitors allowed to show stallions in the Western Division?
A: According to WS101, stallions are prohibited in junior exhibitor classes. However, a junior exhibitor may show a stallion in an open or amateur class if eligible.
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Q: Do I have to wear a necktie in my Western Pleasure class?
A: In the open western division neckties are not required attire (see WS104.2). However, if the class is restricted to a certain breed it may be required. It would be best to refer to the appropriate rule within your breed division.
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Q: May I use a hackamore on my five-year-old gelding?
A: According to WS105.4, hackamores are permitted in any class on a junior horse five years old and under.
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Q: Are romal rein converters legal?
A: It would depend on the design. Any rein design or other device which increases the effective length and thereby the leverage of the shank of a standard western bit is prohibited. According to WS105.2, if the design does not increase the effective length of the shank, then it would be acceptable. If there is any doubt, consult the steward at the competition.
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Q: How much can reins weigh?
A: We do not have a maximum amount for the weight of the reins. However, if the judge feels that the weight of the reins increases the leverage of the shank then the horse can be penalized, in accordance with WS105.2.
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