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Q: Can I use a pelham bit when showing in the Saddle Seat Equitation Division?
A: According to EQ116.2.a, pelham bits are only allowed when showing in pleasure equitation classes. Please remember that some equitation classes are breed restricted and therefore, any breed division "equitation" rules regarding tack would apply in those particular classes.
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Q: I have only shown in walk and trot classes at USEF licensed competitions. I cantered one time in a winter tournament but that was a non-USEF licensed competition. Am I still eligible to show in walk and trot equitation classes?
A: No. Per EQ118.4 and EQ118.17g(1), riders competing in Walk/Trot Equitation classes (including the UPHA Walk/Trot Challenge Cup) must never have shown at a canter/lope in any class at any competition whether USEF licensed or not.
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Q: Do I have to win first place in order to qualify to ride in the USEF Saddle Seat Medal Final? What about the USEF Saddle Seat Adult Medal Final?
A: No. Riders 17 and under qualify for the USEF Saddle Seat Medal Final by placing either first or second in a qualifying class. Amateur riders 18 and over qualify for the USEF Saddle Seat Adult Amateur Medal Final by receiving any ribbon in a qualifying class. Back To Top

Q: I won a USEF Medal class. Why didnโ€™t the horse show give me a medal?
A: USEF Medals are not awarded at the time of the competition. After the competition submits the results to the Federation, the results are verified and a medal will be mailed to you at your address on file directly from the USEF office.
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Q: I thought that if a rider falls off in an equitation class, then he/she is disqualified. Is that true?
A:No. USEF rule EQ117 states that the fall of a horse or rider does not necessarily cause elimination, but is penalized at the judge's discretion.
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Q: Are competitions required to post workouts?
A: No. Per EQ119, instructions (the pattern) can be posted at the judge's discretion provided it is announced and posted at least one hour prior to the session in which the class is held. Competition management is encouraged to post the workout more than one hour prior to the session if possible. This means that if a workout is posted, it must be posted no later than one hour prior to the session but it does not mean that the judge or judges are required to post a workout.
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Q: I have won three blue ribbons showing my horse in performance classes (for example, 3-Gaited, 5-Gaited, Show Pleasure, etc.) but I have never won any blue ribbons in an equitation class. Can I show as a Novice Equitation rider?
A: Yes, EQ102.5a states equitation classes open to Novice riders are restricted to riders that have not won three first place ribbons competing in equitation classes at Regular and Local Competitions of USEF or Equine Canada.
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