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The Roadster belonged to the country doctor and the itinerant preacher in days gone by. Famous for its fast trot and ability to go long distances, it was the forerunner of the harness horses you see on the racetrack today. Shown at a jog trot, Road Gait and then at speed, the horses are either hitched to a two-wheeled cart (bike) or a four-wheeled wagon, or shown[...] under saddle. The drivers and riders wear racing silks in farm colors. Roadsters should show animation, brilliance, and competition-ring presence with straight and true action in the jog-trot and Road Gait. "At speed," the horse must show speed and still go in form.

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American Road Horse & Pony Association

Recognized National Affiliate Association

The object of the ARHPA is to promote the training and exhibiting of the Roadster horse and pony and to promote and sponsor activities and events that create enthusiasm, use, pleasure, and interest in the Roadster horse and pony.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I show in the Roadster Division. What affiliate memberships are required?

    Owners, riders, drivers, and trainers of Roadster horses must be members with the American Road Horse and Pony Association. Owners and trainers of Roadster ponies must be members with either the American Road Horse and Pony Association or the American Hackney Horse Society (RD101.3).

  • Is protective headgear required in the Roadster Division?

    Within the Roadster Division, protective headgear is required for exhibitors showing in Youth Amateur and Junior Exhibitor classes, Junior Exhibitor's showing in Amateur, Ladies (both horse and pony classes) and Road Pony to Wagon classes (see RD105.2, RD108, RD110.4, RD110.5, and RD114.5). However, USEF rule RD106.4 states, "Except as may otherwise be mandated by local law, protective headgear is strongly recommended for everyone showing in any class in the Roadster Division."

  • Can a junior exhibitor compete in an Open Roadster Class?

    Junior exhibitors are prohibited from competing in any Open Roadster class with the exception of an Open Roadster Pony to Wagon class. If a junior exhibitor competes in the Open Roadster Pony to Wagon class, protective headgear is required (RD114.5).

  • What are the current height restrictions for Roadster Ponies?

    Roadster Ponies to Bike must be 52 inches or under. Roadster Ponies Under Saddle and Roadster Ponies to Wagon must be 54 inches or under. Measurement cards must be presented to competition management before numbers will be released (RD114.1).

  • What horses are allowed to compete in the Roadster Horse section?

    Effective April 1, 2014, registration with the United States Trotting Association is no longer required in order to compete as a Roadster Horse. The horse must be of Standardbred type, be able to perform the required gaits, and meet the specifications of the class (RD101, RD102, RD103).

  • What are the required appointments for an official Roadster to Wagon Appointments Class?

    RD105.2 states that the required appointments will include the following items: rasp, scrapper, hoof pick, screwdriver, farrier’s knife, farrier’s hammer, knife, goggles, matches, washers, spool wire, wrench, wire pliers, nippers, punch, oil can, horse shoes, horse shoe nails, blanket pins, whisk broom, flask, cooler, halter, rain coat/cover, curry comb, brush, lead strap, clock, and light.

  • How do I contact the American Road Horse and Pony Association?

    You can contact the ARHPA Secretary/Treasurer, Rick Adams, by phone at (678) 296-7442 or by email at photosbyhaley@yahoo.com

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Staff Contact

Roadster questions? You can email or call Jennifer Mellenkamp, Roadster Director. You can also go to the Staff Directory for a more detailed list of numbers.

859 225 6955

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