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Q: Can I show a pony in a parade class?
A: Yes. Per USEF rule PH101.4, Ponies may compete in Parade Horse classes. However, if there are enough entries, competition management may offer separate classes for ponies 14.2 hands and under for junior exhibitors and judged under the same rules.
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Q: Are stallions allowed in parade classes?
A: Yes. Parade classes are open to stallions, mares, or geldings (See PH101.1 and PH108).
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Q: Are artificial tails allowed?
A: Yes. USEF rule PH101.3 states, "An inconspicuously applied tail switch or top is permitted and a brace may be used."
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Q: What is the parade gait?
A: The parade gait is a true, straight, high-prancing movement – square, collected and balanced with hocks well under, the maximum speed being five miles per hour (See PH102).
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