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Q: I show in the American Saddlebred Horse Division. Is membership with the American Saddlebred Horse Association required?
A: Yes. Owners and trainers of horses being shown in the American Saddlebred Division at USEF licensed competitions must be members in good standing with the American Saddlebred Horse Association, Inc. or the American Saddlebred Horse As-sociation of Canada and provide an original or copy of the ASHA or ASHA of Canada membership card unless the competition, at their discretion, confirms membership electronically with the ASHA or the ASHA of Canada office. Lessees are considered owners in connection with this membership requirement. If a horse is owned by multiple owners, only one owner is required to be a member. Exception: Owners and trainers of horses competing in American Saddlebred restricted walk/trot classes are exempt from ASHA and ASHA of Canada membership. (See SB101.3)
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Q: I am purchasing an American Saddlebred on a payment plan and the seller is holding the ASHA transfer form and registration certificate until the last payment is made. Am I allowed to show the horse in my ownership while making payments?
A: USEF Rule SB101.1 requires that American Saddlebreds be shown under the ownership that is listed on the certificate of registration. Therefore, the horse must be shown under the ownership that is currently on the registration certificate UNLESS a properly completed Certificate of Eligibility to Show (issued by ASHA) has been completed and shown to the competition secretary or the transfer form and paperwork has already been submitted to the ASHA office and a properly completed affidavit is filed. (SB101.2)
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Q: My Country Pleasure horse had an accident and must be shod with a pad temporarily to heal the injury. Can I get special permission to continue showing in Country Pleasure classes while it heals?
A: No. Country Pleasure horses must be plain shod per SB152.2. No exceptions are made for medical or therapeutic purposes. Back To Top

Q: Are urethane products (silicon materials) legal to use on the feet of Country Pleasure horses?
A: No. This would be considered a foreign substance prohibited per SB152.2.
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Q: Can pleasure horses wear tailsets during a competition? What about weanlings and yearlings?
A: Certain pleasure sections of the American Saddlebred Division allow tailsets and/or bustles on the show grounds but prohibit showing with the tail tied or braced. (See SB140)

Pleasure Sections:
  • Park Pleasure horses may be in a tailset or bustle. (SB167.4)
  • English Show Pleasure horses may be in a tailset or bustle. (SB147.2)
  • English Country Pleasure horses must not be in a tailset or bustle. (SB152.3)
  • Western Pleasure horses must not be in a tailset or bustle. (SB157.3)
  • Hunter Country Pleasure horses must not be in a tailset or bustle. (SB162.3)
Weanling and Yearling Classes:
  • Weanlings must not wear bustles or tailsets. (SB173.4)
  • Yearlings are allowed to wear bustles only. (SB173.4)

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Q: When are artificial manes and tails prohibited?
A: Inconspicuously applied hair in the tail is always allowed. Artificial manes are allowed except in the following sections of the American Saddlebred Division: English Country Pleasure; Western; Hunter Country Pleasure. (SB152.3, SB157.3, and SB162.3)
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Q: I have a junior exhibitor that cannot attend the competition on the day of the junior exhibitor class. Can I enter this rider in the amateur class instead?
A: No. Per USEF rule SB111.2, if junior exhibitor classes are offered, then junior exhibitors are not allowed to ride in other sections. However, if a competition does not offer junior exhibitor classes, then junior exhibitors may choose to enter and show in either Amateur or Ladies classes unless specifically prohibited in the prize list.
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