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Q: Is a Lusitano eligible to compete in an Andalusian class?
A: Yes, if they are registered with IALHA. The class nomenclature for competitions follows the IALHA practice of using "Andalusian" to collectively refer to both purebred Andalusians and purebred Lusitanos. Any class in the prize list that is listed as "Andalusian" or "Andalusian/Half-Andalusian" is open to Lusitanos.
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Q: How do I qualify for the IALHA National Championship?
A: Two Ways to Qualify for IALHA Classes
1. Qualify your horse by participating in any IALHA sanctioned show (see web site for list of sanctioned shows). Any horse that enters and completes a class in any sanctioned show will be considered qualified for all classes at the National show requiring pre-qualification, except National championship dressage classes. As in previous years, these require a score of 58 or more in the appropriate class in a USDF sanctioned show.
2. This year we have provided a way for you to participate at Nationals by providing a non-qualifying fee of $200.00 per horse in lieu of your attendance at a local or regional show. The show committee strongly encourages you to participate and support your local regional shows by attending; however, we recognize the weakness in the economy and logistical challenges faced by many of our members who live in sparsely populated areas.
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Q: If a show only offers an Open class but no Amateur or Junior class for that division, can I still qualify for the Amateur or Junior National Championship class by competing in the Open class, if I meet the Amateur/Junior qualifications?
A: No. A horse or rider/driver must compete and place first, second or third in the exact class they plan on competing in at the National Championships.
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Q: Do I still get credit (points) if my class only had two competitors?
A: Yes. Per USEF rule GR1113.2c and GR1123.2.
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Q: In Dressage Sport Horse In Hand classes, can I show my three year old in a halter?
A: No. In the Andalusian/Lusitano division (AL234.1c), bridles are mandatory for horses three years of age and older. This is an exception to DR206.
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Q: Am I allowed to show my halter horse in a bridle?
A: Yes. According to USEF rule AL104.4, required tack for a halter class is a "suitable headstall equipped with throatlatch." A bridle meets this qualification. However, it would be inappropriate to show a horse in a bridle that is not old enough to be ridden (2 and under) as it states in AL101.7.
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Q: Am I allowed to show more than one horse in the halter division?
A: AL105.5 states if an exhibitor is to handle more than one entry in the class, he must have present in the arena an additional exhibitor to facilitate the transfer of the horses. However, per AL105.6, this does not apply to any amateur class or Best Movement performance classes in which only one horse is permitted per exhibitor.
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Q: If I entered a class at a show that required a canter but was not a USEF licensed competition, can I enter the Walk-Trot Equitation Green Rider class?
A: Yes. As long as you have not been judged in a class at a USEF licensed competition that required a canter or lope, you qualify to enter the Walk-Trot Equitation Green Rider class. Be aware that you may not show in any other class at that USEF licensed competition which requires a canter or lope per AL211.1.
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Q: Can I show my horse in Show Pleasure Driving and Pleasure Driving?
A: No. Cross entry is not permitted between the following sections

  • Formal Driving /Formal Saddle
  • Show Pleasure Driving/English Pleasure Saddle Seat
  • Country Pleasure Driving/Country English Pleasure
  • Pleasure Driving

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