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Q: I am at a concurrent show and need to call a time out for equipment repair; since it is two independently judges classes, do I have 2 time outs?
A: Time Outs: GR833.2 2. “If division rules allow a competitor to call a time-out, the competitor may call only one time-out per class The penalty for exceeding the allowed time out(s) is for the entry to be excused. Although AHA concurrent classes are held at a competition, these classes are considered as one under the competition license agreement (one competition); therefore only one time out is permitted for an entry in a concurrently judged class.
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Q: How do I know if I meet the criteria for a Select Rider?
A: Select Classes: Based on rider/handler eligibility as of December 1st of the current competition year. This eligibility lasts for the duration of that competition year. Please see subchapter AR-1 GENERAL SECTION, AR110 Abbreviations of Class Specifications.
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Q: How many levels can I ride at Regionals?
A: Dressage rides at “Regionals”: With the exception Intro level/Walk Trot riders, a horse may be shown in only two levels at a competition. For “Regionals” which offer “Pre” shows, determine if the competition is licensed as one under USEF or two competitions. If the horse is shown at 1st and 2nd level in the pre-show and the show is licensed under one competition number, it cannot be shown in 2nd and 3rd level in the Regionals (three levels)
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Q: Can I compete in Country Pleasure in the Pre-show and English Pleasure in the Regionals?
A: Cross entry restrictions: For Regionals which offer “Pre” shows, determine if the competition is licensed as one under USEF or two competitions. If licensed as one event, cross entries are prohibited between Pleasure and Country Pleasure sections. (Refer to cross entry rule restrictions at the same competition)
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Q: If my score is incorrect in Sport Horse, what do I do?
A: Sport Horse Scores: If errors are noted, it must be brought to the attention of competition management within one (1) hour of the official posting of the scores from the last class of the competition day.
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Q: My daughter rode in a little schooling show in our hometown; it was not a USEF Licensed show? Can she show in Walk-Trot at the A rated Arabian show next month?
A: Walk/Trot/Jog- Open to riders who have never cantered at a Licensed Competition that required a canter or a lope. Since this was a schooling show not licensed by USEF, she can show in Walk-Trot classes.
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Q: Can I ride my 7 year old gelding in a spring-loaded bit?
A: Western Pleasure: Spring-loaded bits are accepted as long they comply with the criteria within subchapter AR-22 Western Pleasure Section - Appointments
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Q: My horse has had his tail eaten, damaged, etc. Can I have a prosthesis added?
A: Regardless of the issue, no hair extensions may not be added to the horse's tail. AR106 Eligibility to Compete
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Q: I ride Reining Seat; do I have to ride with my entry number on my back?
A: Reining Seat Equitation: The exhibitor's entry number may be placed on the left side, both sides of the saddle pad or on the rider's back. Subchaper AR- AR-28 EQUITATION SECTION -AHA Medal Class Requirements.
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