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2011 USEF Dressage Tests

The USEF Test Writing Sub-Committee is in the process of revising all USEF Dressage Tests (Training – Fourth Levels) for 2011, which will take effect December 1, 2010 (the beginning of the USEF competition year). As work continues, the Test Writing Sub-Committee has made the following recommendations, which were supported by the Dressage Committee and announced during the USEF Dressage Committee Open Forum at the USDF Annual Convention in Austin, Texas, on December 3, 2009:

  • Reduction of the number of tests per level to three (3) tests for ALL levels.
  • Only Training Level tests may be held in a small arena (as included in the 2010 Rule Book). First Level Test 1 may no longer be held in a small arena.
  • Allow either rising or sitting trot for both Training and First Level Tests.
  • Have a clear distinction between each level. In particular, requirements for Fourth Level will be reduced to illustrate a clear difference between this level and PSG.
  • Collective Marks will remain the same as current tests (Gaits x2, Impulsion x2, Submission x2, Rider x3).
  • Keep all test times at six (6) minutes or less if possible.
  • Re-writing of directives to update language and clarify description and intention of movements for both officials and competitors.
  • Support the concept and possible development of "Rider Tests".

The USEF Test Writing Sub-Committee anticipates presentation of final test drafts for approval during the USEF Dressage Committee's June meeting. Therefore, new test material should be available for public distribution by late summer 2010. All test information and updates will be posted on the Federation website, www.usef.org.