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These awards were created to provide USEF/ASPC members the opportunity to cast their votes each year for Shetland ponies that have competed in Shetland Harness or Roadster Pony sections at USEF competitions (1 overall winner per section); and are owned by USEF/ASPC members. There is no enrollment or fee required to be eligible.

The winning Shetland People's Choice Harness and Roadster ponies are honored at the USEF Annual Meeting during the Horse of the Year awards gala. Each winner will also be recognized in EQUESTRIAN magazine and will have their name engraved on the respective American Shetland Pony Club perpetual trophy. Both trophies are on display at the USEF headquarters located at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.

Your Shetland pony can be a Shetland People's Choice award winner by competing in the Shetland Harness or Roadster Pony sections at USEF competitions too! Check out the list of competitions that hold the Shetland division on the USEF website or you can obtain the list by calling the Federation office at 859-258-2472. At least one owner of the pony must be a member in good standing with USEF and the ASPC.

Shetland Questions?
Email Terra Schroeder or Call 859-225-6952