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Considered Ireland’s only native breed, the Connemara Pony originates from an area of the same name located in Western Ireland and noted for its rocky, barren and mountainous terrain which is full of seemingly endless and desolate moors and bogs. Originally developed as a utilitarian working horse by the local farmers, the Connemara[...] dutifully pulled a plow through the barren land, hauled rocks and other heavy loads over rough roadways and through heavy bogs, and carted the family to church on Sunday.

Over the centuries in the ruggedness of their native environment, the Connemara developed its prized qualities of hardiness, agility, and steadfast disposition. The Connemara is recognized as the largest of the world’s pony breeds, ranging from 13 to 15 hands in height. Because of their deep, substantive, and sturdy body type, the Connemara make suitable mounts for children and adults alike, and compete very successfully right alongside more conventional sport horse breeds. While grey and dun are the most common colors for Connemaras, they can also be black, bay, brown, chestnut, palomino or even roan. Black points are common, but pinto coloring is not accepted.

The rich heritage, as well as the temperament, intelligence and sensible nature of the Connemara, makes it an ideal candidate for work in harness in today’s show ring. Because of this, the Connemara is a frequent competitor in combined driving and driven dressage classes. The Connemara also possesses heart, determination, and extraordinary jumping ability, so it often competes as a show jumper, working hunter, or eventer. This versatile breed’s rectangular build makes the Connemara a natural fit for dressage, Western and English pleasure, and even endurance riding.

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American Connemara Pony Society

USEF Recognized Association

The objectives of the American Connemara Pony Society are to assist and promote the breeding, registration, training, exhibition, and general use of the Connemara; to preserve the unique qualities of the breed; to assist and promote equestrian competition; and to keep members informed of all matters concerning Connemaras.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does my horse have to be recorded?

    Horses must be recorded in order to:

    • To be eligible for USEF Awards and Championship programs. (GR1111)
    • To be eligible to compete in a USEF Computer Ranking List class. (GR1102.2)
    • To be eligible to compete in USEF/USDF qualifying and championship classes and USEF National Championships for Dressage. (DR127)
    • To acquire an FEI or National Passport and FEI Registration number. (GR1103, GR1104)
  • How can I record my horse/renew my horse's recording?

    1. You can record your horse online. In order to record your horse online, you must create a My USEF My Way Account. Click here to sign up. Once you create your My USEF My Way Account, you can sign in to your account and select the Horse Recording Application/ID. Select the appropriate recording type and year (if annual is selected).
    2. You can submit an application by fax, mail, or hand-delivery to the USEF office. Horse Recording applications can be obtained by contacting the USEF office or printing from the web site (Click here to download).

  • How do I obtain a duplicate recording card/certificate?

    Duplicate annual recording certificates or life recording certificates will be issued for a fee of $10 per certificate. Please contact the USEF office by fax, phone, or mail to request a duplicate card. (GR812.7)

  • I have just bought a horse that is recorded with the United States Equestrian Federation. How do I transfer the ownership?

    For horses with a Life Recording:

    • The transfer fee of $60 must be submitted with the USEF Lifetime Recording certificate signed by the last recorded owner(s) or a copy of a Bill of Sale signed by the last recorded owner(s).
    For horses with an Active Annual Recording:
    • The transfer fee of $60 must be submitted with a copy of a Bill of Sale signed by the last recorded owner(s).
    • The transfer fee will be waived if the member is upgrading the Annual Recording to a Life Recording ($125) when transferring.
    For horse with an Inactive (Expired) Annual Recording:
    • The expired annual horse recording certificate signed by the last recorded owner(s) or a copy of a Bill of Sale signed by the last recorded owner(s).There is no fee to transfer however the fee Of $75 for Annual Recording or $200 for Lifetime Recording must be submitted with the Horse Application if recording/renewing the horse.

    USEF does not accept agent's signatures as authorization for an ownership transfer. A parent signature is accepted for a minor. If the signature of the last recorded owner is not available, an Ownership Affidavit must be completed and notarized. It must explain why the required signature is not available and submitted with proof of ownership (bill of sale, cancelled check, registration papers).

    Authorization for transfer of ownership within a family (as defined in GR123) may be submitted in writing and signed by the previous owner(s) (parent or legal guardian for minors) and the new owner(s). There is no fee to transfer a horse/pony within a family.

    Transfers become effective the date that the proper forms (with required signature(s)) and fees are received at the USEF office. (GR1105)

  • I am leasing a horse with a USEF recording. How do I register the lease with USEF?

    The lease registration fee of $60 must be submitted to the USEF office with a copy of the lease agreement signed by lessee and lessor. USEF does not accept agent signatures for the purposes of registering a lease. If a written lease agreement is not available, the USEF Lease Registration form must be completed, signed by lessee and lessor, and submitted with the lease registration fee.
    The lease agreement or registration form must indicate a start date and end date of the lease period. For competition purposes, the lease registration is effective the date that the proper fee and form (with required signatures) are received in the USEF office. Once the lease is registered with USEF, the horse/pony must be entered under the ownership of the lessee.
    We do not get involved in the terms of the lease. USEF must have written confirmation by both parties if a lease is extended or if the lease is terminated prior to the expiration date.
    Lessor or lessee must renew the USEF Annual Recording by November 30th. If the lease is extended beyond the previously submitted end date, written notification must be received in the USEF office within 30 days of its original expiration. If the notification is not received within 30 days, the lease must be registered again as stated above (with signed agreement and fee). (GR1108)

  • What is the procedure to change my horse's name?

    In order to change the recorded name of a horse competing in divisions that do not require breed registration, the name change fee of $60 must be submitted with the original Annual Recording card or Life Recording certificate with a written request or completed Name Change Request form signed by the recorded owner(s). (GR1108)

  • Can my application be rushed?

    You can pay the $30 Rush Fee to have your horse's recording processed quickly. The recording application for owners paying the Rush Fee will be processed the day of receipt and a verification of recording will be faxed or emailed to you. Your recording card/certificate will be mailed the next business day.

  • Can I find my Horse ID's/Recording numbers online?

    Yes. You can sign in to your My USEF My Way Account and select Horse Portfolio under Horse Options. The horse portfolio will list all the horses under your account. Also you can go to searches from the home page and select the Horse Recording/ID search.

  • Can I obtain a competition record for my horse online?

    Yes. You can sign in to your My USEF My Way Account and select Horse Report on the menu. By signing in to your My USEF My Way Account, you will have the option to access competition records for horses under your ownership. In order to access these reports, you must be listed as an owner, co-owner, or leasee. If you would like a competition record for a horse that is not under your ownership, please contact the appropriate breed/discipline department. For complete instructions on accessing your horse's competition record in the My USEF My Way Account, click here.

  • How can I update my horse’s information?

    You can update you horse information at any time by sending the information to the office by fax, email, or mail. In order to correct a foal date the USEF office requires proof of foal date (breed registration papers or statement from a vet.)

  • How long does it take to receive my horse’s certificate?

    Your request for a recording, transfer, name change, or lease registration will go into effect the day the paperwork and fees are received by the USEF office. The process can take up to 30 business days in order for the request to be processed and for a new certificate to be printed and mailed

  • If my horse is owned by a farm, do the owners of the farm have to be members?

    If a horse is owned by a farm or any other entity, only one principal owner of the farm or entity needs to be a Federation Senior Active, Junior active or Life member or pay a non-member fee of $30 per competition. To be eligible for Horse of the Year Awards, a farm or any other entity that owns a horse(s) must also obtain an exhibitor registration pursuant to GR1106.

  • My horse is owned by a farm, who do I list as the owner on the entry blank?

    According to GR1106, entries may be made in a name other than that of an individual for Horse of the Year Awards, provided such name (Stable/Farm, Corporation, etc.) is registered with the Federation. All applications for registration of a Stable/Farm, Corporation, etc. must be signed be each of the bona fide owners of the Stable/Farm, Corporation, etc. The fee for each (Stable/Farm, Corporation, etc.) registration is $200.

  • If my horse is owned by a farm and I do not want Horse of the Year points does the Farm have to pay the $200 registration fee to be recognized by the Federation and do all owners of the farm have to be Federation members?

    If you do not want Horse of the Year points and your horse is owned by a Farm or any other entity, an active Farm recording is not required. One owner of the farm must be a Senior active, Junior active or a Life member of the Federation or pay a $30 non-member fee per competition. This Farm or entity must also request a Farm ID from the Federation. For more information on how to obtain a Farm ID number without paying the $200 Farm registration fee you can e-mail Cathie Goodenow at [email protected].

  • If I decide to cancel an application submitted to USEF, can I request a refund?

    USEF does issue refunds for applications that could not be processed if requested. If the request was processed, a refund will not be issued. A processing fee of $5.00 is withheld from all refunds.

  • IHP
  • I am a lifetime member; do I have to pay this fee?


  • I am competing in a 1* or 2* event. Do I have to pay this?

    Yes, all FEI competitors must pay the fee at all FEI levels.

  • What is the IHP?

    The IHP or International High Performance Fee is used to promote the High Performance programs. The IHP fee is $35 per entry at defined competitions as noted in GR207. The fee is capped at $420 per competition year. Please refer to the USEF website for policy and instructions on requesting reimbursement for payments over $420 in the same competition year. An entry is defined as each horse, horse/vaulter combination, vaulting team, or driving single, pair or team. Competition secretaries are responsible for collecting the fees and sending them to USEF with the post-competition report.

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