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Why are my points bad?

If your points are showing in red (bad points), the first step is to pull a Horse Report.

Here’s a link to the Members’ Area where you can access your account: Click Here. The Horse Report will contain one or more of the following reasons that points are bad. Some of the most common reasons are listed below. The appropriate Article in the USEF rule book is noted in parentheses.

Farm Not Recorded by 1st Day of Show (902.2) or Farm not Recorded with USEF (902.1)
If you are showing horses under a farm name, the farm must be recorded with USEF and have a USEF Number. When you enter a show using a Farm Name, place an ‘F’ in front of the farm’s USEF number. The cost to Record a Farm is a one-time fee of $150, but at least one owner of the farm must be a current member. Click here for a Farm Application. If the Farm is recorded after the start date of the show, the points will be bad for that show.

Farm Owner Not Active by 1st Day of Show or Farm Owner not USEF Member (902.1&2)
At least one farm owner must be an active USEF member each year or the points of farm owned horses will be bad.

Horse not Recorded by First Day of Show (902.2)
The effective date of the Horse Recording is after the start date of the show. If you filled out a Horse Recording application at the show (prior to the first day of competition) it may take as long as 30 days for your points to become good. Keep a copy of the Horse Recording form in case you need to contact USEF about point corrections. If the horse was not recorded prior to the start of the show, the points will remain bad.

Horse not Shown in Correct Height / Size Section
Generally this happens when the show reports a section as divided (example: Small Ponies) but the show actually combined the sections (Small/Medium). Send an email to [email protected] so the section can be recoded.

Horse not Shown in Home Zone, Region, District (903.6)
This only affects Zone, Region or District points. If you show outside your Zone, be sure you understand how Zone points work and which states are contiguous for your home state.

Lessee not Reported
If you are leasing a horse or pony and the lease is recorded with USEF, enter the name and number of the lessee as the owner on all entry blanks or the points will be bad. The lessee is considered the owner for the term of the lease. If the lease is not recorded with USEF, then enter the name and USEF number of the actual owner.

Less than Three Entries in Class (905.2)
Classes with fewer than three entries do not earn points. Hunter and Pony Hunter Breeding are one exception and should not receive bad points for fewer than three entries. If you receive this bad point message for Hunter Breeding contact [email protected].

Measurement Card Required for Division Shown (801.3)
Some divisions require a horse or pony to be measured and to present a measurement card. You will receive bad points for these divisions if you do not have a measurement card, or the effective date was not prior to the start date of the competition.

Not Recorded Horse Owner (902.4)
The owner reported by the show is not the owner of record with USEF. If the show reported the USEF name and number of a family member by accident, you may want to fill out a “Bad Point Correction Form” listing all family members that may show a horse, and send it to the Membership Department. If the show made an error, contact the secretary and request that a correction be sent to [email protected].

Owner / Rider not Active by 1st Day of Show (902.2)
Either the Owner or Rider did not pay their dues in a timely manner. If the application is in the USEF Membership Department, the effective date of the Membership will be the date of receipt. It is always best to renew your membership well in advance of your first horse show to avoid bad points. If you renew online you can print a temporary card to use until your permanent one is mailed.

Rider Showing in Wrong Age Group
This can happen for several reasons:

  1. The show reported your trainer, or the owner as the rider in Pony, Childrens or Amateur classes. If so, contact the show and ask them to submit a correction to [email protected].
  2. The show reported a section (example: Adult Amateur 35+) as divided but they actually combined the sections. File a corrections report through the Corrections Wizard or email [email protected] and ask to have the section re-coded.
  3. The rider does not have a date of birth in their USEF record. This will have to be corrected via the USEF Membership department before the points will be good.