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Licensed Officials : FEI Licensing Information

Summary of FEI Licensed Official Requirements - Enrollment and Promotion

All applicants and officials must be Senior active members of the United States Equestrian Federation and must be citizens of the United States.

For FEI licensing, all applicants MUST apply to the USEF Licensed Officials Committee and receive a positive recommendation for licensure BEFORE they will be allowed to attend the respective FEI Course. (Exceptions: There are a few licenses which follow a separate procedure, see respective requirement documents for details. Examples are FEI Dressage 3* Judge and FEI 3*/4* Eventing Judge, Technical Delegate and Course Designer licenses.)

Consult the Continuing Education Calendar for upcoming FEI Courses here.

To find the contact information for officials you wish to use as references click here.

To insure that your FEI officiating history is recorded with the USEF (whether within the United States or at a foreign event), an official verification form must be submitted to the Licensed Officials Department. Copies of these forms are located within your MY USEF account in your Licensed Officials Portal.

Licensing Requirement Documents, Applications and Evaluations are located in the chart below. Some of the documents are being updated to reflect FEI’s changes to licensing requirements. If you have any questions regarding missing information, the licensing requirements, or the licensing process, please contact the Licensed Officials Department at [email protected].

Verification of FEI Officiating Experience Form

Basic information is included in this summary chart.
The documents for each license further delineate the requirements.

Licensing Requirements

Licensing Applications

Apprentice Evaluations

Course Designer Judge Steward Technical Delegate Veterinarian Judge

Steward Course Designer Veterinarian