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Horse/Pony Measurement

Click here to view the current rulebook.

Q: What horses/ponies need a measurement card?
A: If the horse/pony is entered in a class where horse/pony height is a factor, the horse/pony must have a measurement card to present to the secretary at the competition.
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Q: Does the owner have to be a member with USEF in order to receive a measurement card?
A: Yes, the owner must be an active competing member with USEF.
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Q: When will I receive the measurement card?
A: The owner can use the white copy of the original measurement form for 45 days from the measurement date. A card will be sent in the mail to the owner within 45 days unless there are errors or problems with the measurement. Owners will be notified if there is a problem with the measurement.
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Q: My horse/pony has been measured by the previous owner. Do I need to re-measure it?
A:No, you do not need to re-measure your horse/pony. The measurement card stays with the horse/pony and will be mailed to the new owner.
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Q: How do I transfer a horse/pony with USEF?
A: : A copy of the Bill of Sale signed by the owner listed in USEF's records needs to be sent to the USEF office (American Saddlebred and Hackney ponies may use breed papers that list current owners) along with any applicable fees.
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Q: Where do I measure my horse/pony?
A: Measurements must take place at a USEF Licensed competition where the horse/pony is entered to compete and a USEF approved measurement stick must be used.
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Q: Where in the USEF Rule Book are the measuring rules?
A: GR501 will direct you to the appropriate rules depending on the Breed or Discipline of the horse/pony.
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If you have any questions or concerns regarding your measurement card, please contact Melissa Lawson at [email protected] or 859 225 2026.